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Outstanding Students Conquer Accelerated Reading Goals
Outstanding Students Conquer 
Accelerated Reading Goals
During August 31's library time, students will learn about yearly goals and amazing awards (extra recess, a cool OSCAR t-shirt, and a Carousel Skating field trip).
Times for AR Tests Only**
Students Need to Be Ready to Test 

7:30 AM - 7:45 AM  

3:30 PM* 
Students must be accompanied by
a parent or guardian to test after school
**No AR available during recess due to a schedule change this year.
** No before or after school if Mr. Branson, the librarian, is absent.

Each class is provided time every week to check out books; the before school and after school times are for students that are ready for AR quizzes only. 

Don’t miss out on your chance to become an OSCAR winning student in AR!   
Outstanding Students Conquer Accelerated Reading Goals


Monday, August 31
GOTR Parent Meeting LIbrary
5:15 - 6:00
Monday -Thursday
Aug 31st - Sept. 3

Volleyball Tryouts
3:20 - 5:00

Tuesday, Sept. 1
Site Council
5:30 - 6:00

6:00 - 7:00 

Friday, Sept. 4th
Dress Down 

PTO Friday Sales 
After school


Monday & Tuesday
Sept 7th & 8th
NO School!
On Going

Monday & Wednesday
3:20 - 5:00
Cross Country
Monday - Friday
3:20 - 5:00
3:10 - 5:00
Bible Club
Guidelines for Success
At Horace Mann we believe in helping our kids be successful academically and with behavior. As a part of our guidelines for success, teachers developed a special pledge to help remind students the important character traits that we will focus on to help students be successful. Students recite this pledge each morning in English and on Spanish days in Spanish. 

As a PROUD Horace Mann Hawk, I will:
               BE RESPONSIBLE - do what is asked without excuses.
            BE DETERMINED - never give up
                 BE HONESTtell the truth and do the right thing
    BE RESPECTFUL - treat people the way I want to be treated
              BE KIND - always help others
I am a PROUD Horace Mann Hawk and I will succeed!
Yo soy un ORGULLOSO Halcón de Horace Mann, y voy a:
       SER RESPONSABLE - hacer lo que me pidan sin excusas
     SER DETERMINADO - nunca darme por vencido
          SER HONESTO -decir la verdad y hacer lo correcto
 SER RESPETUOSO - tratar a las personas como yo quiero ser tratado
    SER BONDADOSO - siempre ayuda a otros
 ¡Yo soy un orgulloso Halcón de Horace Mann  y voy a ser exitoso!
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